We’re 3t Transform

From offices in the UK, USA, China & Middle East, we work to develop and deliver an industry-leading platform that equips organisations to manage, track and grow their training effort, exceeding business objectives.

We do that through a user-centric approach, using industry leading skills and expertise to build solutions for our clients.

Workforce Training Software

Our journey so far

Our parent company, 3t Energy Group, was formed by Bluewater in 2018, a specialist international private equity firm focused on the energy sector, bringing together expertise from world-class specialist training providers, AIS Survivex and advanced simulator developer and manufacturer, Drilling Systems.

The group, acquired Neutron VR in 2019, a leading virtual reality and software specialist to significantly strengthen its technological capabilities, and relaunched the company as what we are known by today; 3t Transform.

Key events

the power to truly transform

A team with the power to truly transform

We believe that the 3t Transform team is genuinely unique. And that’s because it has been assembled from an exclusive combination of industry experts and technology pioneers.

The software we develop and the technology we create is underpinned by the unrivalled knowledge and abilities of our staff, who together with our world-class developers are able to create solutions that make a real and positive impact.

If you’d like to learn more about 3t Transform and our software and technologies, contact us here.