Transform by name, transform by nature

Transform is a global technology business based in the UK. The people who make Transform possible are all part of the highly skilled 3T Energy Group team. Our mission is to harness the power of technology to truly revolutionise training and work development, creating smarter, safer, more efficient and more profitable workforces.

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3T Transform technology accessed with a virtual reality headset

A team with the power to truly transform

We believe that the Transform team is genuinely unique. And that’s because it has been assembled from an exclusive combination of industry experts and technology pioneers.

The software they develop and the technology they create is underpinned by the unrivalled knowledge and abilities of our staff at AIS Training and Survivex, who together with our world-class developers are able to create solutions that make a real and positive impact.

Some of the key values we live by...

At a glance guide to how Transform connects your workforce lifecycle...