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We are 3t Transform

Challenge, engage and assess your workforce with unforgettable immersive content.

Our mission is to help companies operating in safety-critical, high-consequence environments to develop and manage their workforce to reduce risk and improve performance. We offer a range of highly configurable software solutions to effectively manage your employees’ compliance, competency, and learning.

Our software streamlines the process of selecting and deploying the best-qualified workers for the job, helping to ensure your projects are completed faster, safer and to a higher standard, while our VR and E-learning content helps to ensure workers are competent and ready for the job at hand.

By combining traditional learning methods with VR experiences, our clients can leverage the benefits of VR technology, including:

  1. Hands-on learning reinforcement.
  2. Skills practice through interactive experiences in a safe learning environment.
  3. Consistent scaling across locations to reach distributed and remote employees.
  4. Access to a unique set of metrics, including usage data and progression through the learner’s journey.


Bringing together a breadth of expertise

3t Transform is part of 3t Energy Group which brings together expertise from world-class specialist training providers to provide holistic, unrivalled training provision.

This includes AIS Survivex, the UK’s biggest energy sector training provider, boasting world class training facilities and in-person instruction, along with advanced simulator developer and manufacturer, Drilling Systems, the world’s number one simulator technology provider.

Being part of the 3t Energy Group means we can offer customers a fully blended learning experience combining face to face training, online learning, virtual reality and simulations all in one offering.

Meet the masterminds behind 3t Transform

Effective learning and development is more than knowing your subject. It is as much about the nature of the people facilitating it, and our professionalism, energy and humour are all factors that help us seal our reputation.

3t Transform has a team of industry experts, all with a passion to truly transform the way people train, develop and manage their workforce development. We have significant experience working in high-hazard, compliance-driven environments in the energy sector, with expertise that transfers across many other sectors.

Innovation is in our DNA, and our core values showcase that

From offices in the UK, Houston, Dubai, and China, our team of developers, product managers, business analysts, and industry specialists are all focused on making our products as powerful and transformational as possible for our clients. We are committed to our work and our customers, ensuring we drive success in all aspects of our business. We work together to develop and deliver industry-leading workplace development software and content delivery solutions.

Our Values

Own It

We all own a diverse and inclusive culture in which people are valued for their competence and living the culture. We deliver completed work to the best of our ability. No shortcuts, no leaving others exposed.

The Team Works

Great teams are fun to be part of and make work more rewarding. Our team ethos means we all work with a clear focus on collective, aspirational goals and clear outcomes to deliver the best solutions in scope and on time. We value effective processes and feel safe challenging the status quo.

Develop Continuously

We all strive to know our subject matter inside out to be the best we can be – without this understanding we can’t deliver the impact we want. We are open to learning from colleagues while mentoring and nurturing others and taking every opportunity to give and receive feedback.

Drive Customer Success

Collectively we build products and solutions that help our customers solve critical business problems better than anyone else. We strive for customer success, working in a way that is focused on delivering a positive business impact for our customers and ourselves.

Our Journey