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3t Transform’s Earth Day Commitment


Earth Day is widely recognised as the largest secular observance in the world and is marked by over a billion people every year. It is a day of action to change the way we act as humans, to reduce our environmental impact on the world around us.

The fight for a clean environment continues, with increasing resolution, as the dramatic effects of climate change become more and more apparent every day.

Decades before Earth Day was established, human beings were using an ever-growing amount of natural resources. Leaded petroleum gas being consumed by inefficient vehicles, industry fuelled by coal, single-use plastic, CFCs in aerosols…the list goes on. Musky air and bad pollution were often accepted as the smell of prosperity. At this point, it was still largely unknown how the ecological factors and pollution in the environment would affect public health.

Today, however, we know the consequences of this overconsumption; a hole in the ozone layer, increasing global temperatures, and microplastics. Without change today, these global issues will only worsen.

As a software and technology company, 3t Transform – and our sister companies Drilling Systems and AIX Survivex – stand hand-in-hand when it comes to driving to reduce carbon emissions, supporting renewable energy, and striving to reach Net-Zero objectives.

By offering innovative solutions such as online training leading to reduced travel; specialist online training which can be delivered remotely. In addition, 3t Transform also conducts remote virtual reality training programmes, offers e-learning courses, and even virtual drilling simulators.

“An Open University Study showed that distance learning courses on average involved 87% less energy consumption and produced 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student”.

With 3t Transform, you get the correct training, compliance, and competency solutions in one place. With these sophisticated offerings, 3t Transform helps reduce the carbon footprint, as well as the risks to health and safety when training is taking place.

How can you contribute to Earth Day 2022?

Look at the online courses which we offer remotely – 3t Transform Store