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4 Benefits of Implementing a TMS

Are you using multiple unconnected systems? Are you making avoidable, human-errors due to the amount of manual processes you need to do? Are you struggling to get full visibility of your projects and workforce? Yes? Then it's time for Transform.

Any type of organisation who need to train their workforce can benefit from training management software. If you are reporting on your training operation manually, have the same information sitting in multiple systems, or are using spreadsheets to record registrations, track attendance or tasks, then you might want to consider using a TMS to help streamline all your manual processes.

A TMS ultimately works as an efficient version of what you already do daily to manage your training organisation.

What are the benefits of a TMS?

With a TMS you can manage and grow your business from one central system. There are many benefits beyond the administrative advantages, read the 4 top benefits below:

Cost – delivering learning can be resource-intensive, as there is a lot of administrative tasks to juggle in order to manage a successful course. Staff costs are by far the largest cost in most businesses, so every minute spent in admin is costing your company money and brain power which could be better spent elsewhere.
By ditching the unnecessary manual processes and automating tasks, you can utilise your staff elsewhere in your business.

Assurance – having full visibility over all your sites and workforces’ training, safety and compliance gives you 100% confidence that your training is being completed successfully and efficiently. Gone are the days of double bookings, duplication of data, or tasks being missed. The TMS succinctly organises your training under one roof, giving you complete peace of mind, everything is being tracked.
The Transform TMS includes powerful matrix tools that build up a clear picture of the training compliance require for each job role, and pushes out automatic alerts or notifications when a certificate needs to be renewed.

Time – say goodbye to any to-do lists, paper enrolment sheets, or excel updates. The extra time you shave off your daily training management duties, can be better placed, saving you time in abundance.

Scalability – a TMS like Transform is a scalable training management tool suitable for any business big or small. As your business grows, our TMS has the capacity to grow and deliver the same standard of automation and management, providing quality service throughout your L&D journey.
Theoretically the more staff you have to manage, the harder it is to get a handle on what training each member needs – a TMS will help you cut down that additional admin time and streamline operations.

In offering all these first-class benefits and more, it’s easy to see why you need a TMS to manage all your training requirements. The Transform platform accommodates and improves your training operations beyond measure.

Are you ready for a TMS? Talk to an expert today to discuss your learning requirements and book a demo today.