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7 Issues With Using Multiple Management Systems

Are you struggling with getting full visibility of your business’s training requirements? Are you juggling duplicated data across multiple systems or spreadsheets, and can't easily identify training requirements for your workers?

Here’s a task for you…Do you think you could easily count how many systems you use to run your business, day to day? Perhaps you have a system for HR, a couple for sales, one for managing projects, and a few more for marketing. Sound familiar?

Often, each system is added as required, as your business needs change and as your company grows. It’s easily done, and easily overlooked as a big problem. In the best-case scenario these systems speak to each other, and you’re able to manage them from one source, however 9 times out of 10, this isn’t the case and you’re likely left with disjointed programmes that require manual data entry or various import functions.

It’s the same with managing and tracking your learning and development programme.  There are several reasons why disconnected software systems make your life more difficult:

  • Data duplication – duplicate data entry wastes time and often results in keystroke errors. Human error does happen, and when working across a stream of software’s with their own rules and methods of organising data overlap, duplicated work is inevitable.
    The average data entry errors are between 3-5%. Imagine the same record across many different systems receiving a typo in one programme, and not in the next – making pairing the two records nearly impossible.
  • No real time data – with a lot of modern technology and software, data is automatically updated, however if data is not refreshed in real time or cannot be synced, reports may be outdated as soon as they are run, resulting in miscommunication and business wide oversights.
  • Productivity – it is hard to find complete information quickly when you need it if you are looking across various systems. Running multiple systems at once can slow computer bandwidth down, making completing certain tasks time-consuming and frustrating.
    Multiple software solutions can have different user interfaces which could result in more resource for training, especially for new hires learning every different system.
  • Lack of accuracy – information that is shared across fragmented systems, several departments, and updated by different people creates communication blocks, especially if not everybody has access to each individual system. Various systems can contain different variations of the same data, but which one is correct?
  • Out of date systems – some systems are outdated, resulting in high maintenance costs, little to no available support and some that aren’t capable of functioning like their modern contemporaries. The latest versions will undoubtedly address current flaws and increase functionality.
  • Different upgrade or renewal schedules – just like renewing your broadband or phone contracts, it’s very rare that all contracts renew on the same day. Often enough, your software is on different upgrade cycles, meaning a lot of time is spent either renewing or shopping around for another to try and fit in with your other current systems.
  • Cost – Running multiple software systems comes at a cost. The implementation, integration and upkeep of numerous applications can rapidly eat into an already limited budget.

Why use one connected systems?

If your business is feeling the strain of any of these pains, now is the time for a change.

The Transform platform gives you all the tools you need to monitor real time data, at all times, anywhere on any device in one fully connected training solution. It gives you much more precise data and projections about your business’ training needs and compliance status.

Everyone in every department can have access to the information they need, inside one core system. When all of your systems are connected, you can utilise employee time better, saving time, improving productivity, increasing efficiencies and making your life easier.

By combining all training technology into one single platform, not only can a business cut the cost of maintaining several applications but also increase their chances of making money.

To learn a bit more about me click here, add me on LinkedIn or contact our team below. We will help you improve efficiencies and get you on one connected platform that can do it all. Want to improve your disconnected processes? Read more here.