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How can you achieve high-level realism with Digital Twin technologies?

VR and Digital Twin technologies

One of the main topics of conversation around simulation software is the absence of achieving a high level of realism.

Originally this was mostly down to the inherent limitations of technology, which meant that the virtual worlds designed for learning and training never bore more than a slight resemblance to the sites they were supposed to replicate.

But even with the massive improvements in computer graphics over recent decades, many simulations still only manage to achieve a very rough approximation of the situation which they are modelling.

An innovative solution to this problem is the Digital Twin.

A Digital Twin is a highly detailed virtual replication of an object, person or environment that exists in the real world.

In the case of training, it would represent a copy of a real-life work setting that faithfully mimics the real site in which trainees will find themselves working on a day-to-day basis.

Making use of a Digital Twin within an interactive VR environment helps to ensure that training is as realistic as possible.

It also provides a wealth of further benefits including reduced costs, improved results, and the ability to include augmented displays, virtual trainers, and live prompts all of which help the learner achieve their goals.

3t Transform work with you to create your ideal scenario, this can range from a building site to offshore oil rigs, your imagination is the limit. We then collect CADD files and begin to design your VR Digital Twin.

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