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Virtual Reality Learning for High-Risk Roles

When it comes to high-risk industries such as construction, emergency response, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, and military occupations, safety and industry compliance are paramount.

How Virtual Reality training can help high-risk industries

VR learning can save lives when it comes to safety training. Unlike being put in ‘an on-the-spot situation’ using heavy machinery, working at heights whilst on an oil rig, or on top of a wind turbine in the middle of the ocean, being able to test equipment in the security of your office or testing centre, where there are little to no hazards can lessen the risk by almost 90%.

3t Transform was asked to create a Virtual Reality scenario for SANAD (Saudi Aramco Nabors Drilling). They wanted an engaging way to refresh their skills and improve safety for personnel working on land-based assets in Saudi Arabia.

SANAD operates onshore land rigs, extracting oil for Saudi Arabia and beyond, they wanted an effective and standardised way of training its land rig workers in hazard awareness.

3t Transform developed an engaging virtual reality training programme to teach land rig workers shut-down procedures and how to work safely at height and on the drill floor.

Blended learning at its very best, the highly realistic virtual reality programmes take delegates through procedures. When the correct actions aren’t followed delegates see and experience tragic outcomes such as explosions, suffocations, and critical accidents. All of which are possibilities that could happen when working on an oil rig.

The virtual reality programmes created by 3t Transform are then automatically linked with a custom-built competency management system so SANAD can track and monitor personal performance.

Actively involving someone in making mistakes improves memory retention and prevents mistakes from happening in real life. As well as improving awareness of the hazards on-site, our bespoke virtual reality programmes are helping speed up workers’ competency rates ensuring the highest levels of safety are adhered to.

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Saudi Aramco Nabors Drilling Company