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Enhancing the learning experience for DNV

We transformed the future of training for DNV by creating a virtual reality platform to reduce and eliminate their on-site major accidents.

DNV GL Research & Testing providers


Located at Spadeadam in Cumbria, DNV GL Research & Testing provides experiential training for personnel involved in oil and gas operations in relation to major accident hazards – primarily fires and explosions. The ability to witness and experience large scale fires and explosions in a training setting reinforces the message to personnel about how such events are prevented and mitigated.

DNV GL were keen to take their experiential training to a more global audience and decided it needed something more than classroom training with normal video. Virtual reality offered a more memorable experience and was able to place the major hazards within a ‘work’ type of environment.

Virtual Reality Learning

The approach

We worked closely with DNV GL to recreate the Spadeadam DNV GL site in virtual reality and develop storyboards, capture 360-degree video footage and apply the narratives to a VR platform. Many of the scenarios recreated were based on actual events or events which could have happened. Using these different emergency scenarios, we developed virtual reality programmes to enhance the ‘major accident hazard’ learning experience.

Virtual Reality Learning

The results

The project is helping oil and gas personnel to learn lessons from past events and potential hazards to ultimately improve safety in the industry. As well as being well received by clients, the DNV GL VR programme was recognised by the oil and gas industry for its innovative approach after reaching the final of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Offshore Achievement Awards.

“Our virtual reality programme has proved extremely popular with clients and we are now planning to develop this further. We want to work with our clients to add more scenarios and learn more about how this type of application can help individual businesses and the industry in general. Eventually we hope to extend the learning to help control operations and incident findings.”

Gary Tomlin, Head of Research and Testing, UK and West Africa at DNV GL