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Revolutionising training with VR technology

Komatsu are putting their staff at the forefront of their business by implementing cutting edge virtual reality technology to enhance their on-site training.

Komatsu global manufacturer


Komatsu is a global manufacturer of construction, mining and utility equipment. In the UK, Komatsu has been manufacturing and assembling world-leading hydraulic tracked excavators at its Birtley plant since 1987, where it employs more than 400 people.

Komatsu approached us as they wanted to embed safe working practices into their workforce training plan and with it, attract younger workers to its Birtley plant.

virtual reality training

The approach

We created a virtual reality model of Komatsu’s Birtley site and developed a series of practical exercises based on real work situations to help workers learn about critical safety processes and procedures in an engaging and fun way.

One of the scenarios we created was a small fire starting in an onsite office to highlight fire safety procedures. In an extremely immersive VR training programme, employees choose what to do next and experience the consequences of their actions. This proved a very effective way to learn what to do in the event of an onsite fire.

The virtual reality training programmes are extremely realistic and allow operators to experience real work situations in a very safe and controlled environment.

The results

The virtual reality training programme was extremely well received with Komatsu personnel and has also helped the company to engage with and attract a much younger workforce. This in turn has ensured a well-trained, highly-skilled workforce for the future.

“Safety training on a large manufacturing site like ours is critical but can often be boring. We wanted to create engaging training which really resonates with staff and stays with them. The virtual reality programmes created by Transform certainly do that! By making mistakes in the virtual world, you ensure people don’t make them in the real one. Essentially practice makes perfect.” Paul Blanchard, Director of Manufacturing at Komatsu

“Working with 3t Transform has been transformational for our business. Using virtual reality training has helped us to engage with younger audiences and attract them into the business. This is critical for our future growth and allows the business to maintain a lifeblood of trained and expert staff.”

Paul Blanchard, Director of Manufacturing at Komatsu