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Competence Management

Our view on Competence Management

Our experts provide you with a comprehensive and flexible workflow for competence management.

Our solution has been proven to reduce competence-related incidents and accidents, improve productivity and profitability, and create a strategic view of personnel capabilities and talent.

We offer a complete learning solution, from assessment and assurance through blended learning that will drive your talent management strategy.


  • Centralise and digitise your competency tracking.
  • Gain visibility of your employee competency status.
  • Enhance and ease your audit trails and process.


Typical business needs and challenges:


  • Competencies are paper-based, not centralised and not standardised across departments causing tracking issues.
  • Companies need to have an overview of the competency status of the employees.
  • Companies struggle to provide key information to auditors.




Digitise your competence framework and roadmap.

Reduce downtime by:

> Updating real-time reporting on competency status.

> Alerts and notifications to manage the flow of the assessments.

> Create a defined stage by stage workflow for each assessment – induction, plan, conduct and review.

> Discover knowledge, skills or performance gaps.

> Discover potential.

> Spot team or company-wide trends of bad practice.

> Helping to retain talent.

> Implement a long-term competence roadmap via reassessments.

Dashboards and reporting tools give your teams the worker competence visibility they need across all your sites and assets.


“The cost savings were significant. We benefitted from a reduction of 18% on direct course bookings and this was in addition to logistical and staffing savings.“

Mike Henderson, Commercial and Business Development Director at Bilfinger Salamis

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