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Competence Management

Our view on Competence Management

Our experts provide you with a comprehensive and flexible workflow for competence management.

Our solution is proven to reduce competence-related incidents and accidents, improve productivity and profitability, and create a strategic view of personnel capabilities and talent.

We offer a complete learning solution, from assessment and assurance through to blended learning, that will drive your talent management strategy.

  1. Centralise and digitise your competency tracking.
  2. Gain visibility of your employee competency status.
  3. Enhance and ease your audit trails and processes.

Typical business needs and challenges

  1. Competencies are paper-based, not centralised and need to be standardised across departments, causing tracking issues.
  2. Companies need to have an overview of the competency status of their employees.
  3. Companies need help to provide key information to auditors.

Reduce accidents and increase competency for hazardous roles

Negligence is something that is unacceptable for hazardous roles. It is essential that employees go through a rigorous and complete training programme to mitigate risk and maintain the highest level of competency.

3t Transform provides Competence Management Software for safety-critical roles where we plan out a comprehensive and long-term training roadmap for our clients, to prepare their employees by raising their competency levels to be able to confidently identify and mitigate risks at work.




> With our Competency Management Software, you can digitise your competence framework and roadmap.

> Track and analyse personal progress with our software, and identify areas for improvement.

> Digitisation provides easy accessibility to the Competency Management System for employees, which helps them significantly improve the room for growth.

> Our software provides you with real-time reporting on competency status, enabling you to track each individual employee’s progress.

> Our Competency Management System provides you with regular alerts and notifications to manage the flow of the assessments, which helps you save money.

> Create a defined stage-by-stage workflow for each assessment – induction, plan, conduct and review.

> Fulfil the potential of each of your employees by discovering knowledge, skills or performance gaps and identifying where they can improve.

> Our Competency Assessment Software provides a complete insight into your employees’ performances, allowing you to identify potential, and focus on honing their skills for the future.

> You can also spot team or company-wide trends of bad practice, and eliminate them to improve the quality of your operations.

> With our Competency Management Software, you can track the progress of employees who show a consistent level of performance, helping you to retain exceptional talent.

> Implement a long-term competence roadmap via reassessments.

> Dashboards and reporting tools give your teams the worker competence visibility they need across all your sites and assets.

> Our Competency Management Software is always accessible to employees, where they can track their work progress, complete tasks and future initiatives.

What sectors are benefiting from 3t Transform’s Competence Management System?

3t Transform’s Competence Management Software is suited to nearly every industry and a range of high-risk roles where the room for error is negligible. Such industries involving high-risk roles where you can use competence management are such as;

  1. Competency Management for Energy Sector
  2. Competency Management for Manufacturing
  3. Competency Management for Railways
  4. Competency Management for government

Did you know?

  1. According to the industry’s own figures, in 2020 the rate of lost time to injuries in UK offshore renewables was four times as high as in offshore oil and gas.
  2. 80% of all offshore accidents are caused by human error, whether at the equipment design stage, error mitigation stage, or due to a lack of proper training.
  3. Manufacturing fatal injuries are 1.5 times higher than industry averages.
  4. 2.1% of workers in the manufacturing industry sustained an accident at work, which is statistically higher than the average across all industries.
  5. In the UK alone over 500 turbine safety incidents were reported in 2020, 86% of which occurred on an operational wind farm and the remainder on a site under construction or development.

“The cost savings were significant. We benefitted from a reduction of 18% on direct course bookings and this was in addition to logistical and staffing savings.“

Mike Henderson, Commercial and Business Development Director at Bilfinger Salamis

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