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Compliance Management

Our view on Compliance Management

The value of compliance is often only fully realised when gaps in compliance occur. We provide an easy way of accessing, managing, and tracking essential compliance data to ensure your company can maintain a safe and secure workforce environment through our Compliance Management Software.

Typical business needs and challenges:

Lack of a robust training plan

  1. Companies don’t have a clear view of the training plan for their workforce.
  2. Companies are aware of their goals but lack a clear understanding of how to proceed with the training.
  3. Companies must have a clear blueprint of how to properly train their employees to maintain the highest levels of compliance and competence.

Quality Assurance

  1. Companies need to be confident of the quality of their workforce skills in specific roles.
  2. Each worker must know the expected quality of work that must be maintained and ensure a clear process is in place to mitigate mistakes and ensure high levels of compliance.
  3. Compliance management is essential to train employees to be consistent in their delivery of work.

Data analysis

  1. The best way for companies to maintain an optimal level of quality and compliance is to track their employees’ progress. Doing it manually can be time-consuming and expensive, but with the help of our Workforce Compliance Software, companies can track progress and development through analytical insights.
  2. Companies must pass audits by providing the certification to the regulatory bodies before employees can work in safety-critical environments. It has become significantly easier to train employees for safety-critical roles through Compliance Management Software.

Safety and security

  1. To ensure optimal working conditions, it is critical to implement rigid security protocols that result in a safe and secure workplace.
  2. In safety-critical working environments, it is essential that employees complete training to the highest standards so that they can mitigate risks they may face in their job role.
  3. Safety Standards Compliance Monitoring is something that has become a necessity for companies to maintain a strict level of security protocols and ensure that they are being adhered to.

Competence management


Provides complete visibility


> The TMS (Training Management Software) system provides a holistic view of compliance levels and performance across the entire organisation, through custom reports and personalised real-time dashboards.

> You will have access to real-time updates and progress and growth tracking that will help you analyse the competence level of your operations.

> The TMS has a comprehensive expiry notification that can be set to specific timelines so compliance training is refreshed prior to existing certificates expiring.

> The Compliance Management Software (CMS) provides 24/7 real-time access to your organisation and its employees, where they can access important documents, records, and certifications.

> Create job role training plans (matrices) which can easily be tailored for job roles, clients or locations.

> Create custom training routines for high-risk management with our HSE Compliance Management software. (CMS)

> Our software includes powerful matrix tools that build up and manage compliance training required for each specific job role.




“We benefited from a reduction of 18% on direct course bookings and this was in addition to logistical and staffing savings.”

Mike Henderson, Commercial and Business Development Director at Bilfinger Salamis

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