Make onboarding a breeze and engage with ease with this employee experience tool.


The Employee Experience (EX) Hub.

Today’s forward-thinking companies are re-designing their onboarding processes with Conduit.

  • Replace tired, clunky systems with slick, employee-centric interfaces.
  • Bring in new-age technology that meets employee expectations.
  • Consume company information with visual, engaging formats.
  • Amplify your employee engagement.


It’s time to digitise and consumerise your employee experience.

In this hybrid-working era, where the vast majority of the workforce are visually consuming millennials, old onboarding techniques are no longer fit-for-purpose

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Make manual workflows a thing of the past

Transform your workflows with Conduit - your channel to an immersive, effortless, and efficient onboarding practice that your employees will love using.

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Easy to set up, easy to adapt

Conduit offers a bespoke, flexible content management suite that combines an attractive ‘tile-based’ interface with powerful content customisation.

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Banish boring and bring in multi-media possibilities

Conduit is specifically designed for ease of knowledge transfer and employee engagement.

How can conduit help your business

Training Management

Conduit can host a wide variety of content; e-learning, video showreels, policy and process documentation and much more.

Creating and deploying content is easy, and there’s secure control and management in-built.

Set checklists, work programmes and more!