Game-changing learning technologies delivered via one portal – the training Console.

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All you need to deliver game-changing learning.

Powerful, stable and secure deployment of all your learning content, including Virtual Reality and Simulation.

Organise, access, and deploy all your training content with this robust training station.

Deploy remotely, train on-demand with online/offline access to content.

How can the Console be used?

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Engaging VR-Learn

Virtual reality-based learning which replicates real-world scenarios in a virtual environment

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Advanced Simulators

Advanced technology that emulates real-world scenarios in realistic and absorbing learning environments.

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Immersive R3-Microlearning

Bite-sized, app-based learning workouts that are designed to build workforce engagement and knowledge retention.

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Bespoke E-Learning

Access to 100s of E-learning courses available 24/7 for on demand training within the workforce.