Our workforce development software can streamline, automate and manage your entire workforce operation from one, easy to use platform.

Workforce Development Software

All the tools you need in one place.

We help companies of all sizes and industries equip their employees with the right tools to thrive with their on-the-job training and performance.

You can plan, organise and manage tailored learning plans for each worker, and access our real-time reporting and dashboards.

Our software tools can automate tasks, which streamlines processes and vastly reduces manual administration and operational costs.

Each one of your users has access to their own personalised dashboard – their portal to all the learning technology and management tools they need.

What is core?

Training & Compliance Management Software

Manage every aspect of your workforce training and compliance management, organising course logistics, schedules, and personal achievements.

Learning Management Software

Oversee the delivery of your digital learning content, providing real-time tracking of your team’s progress and performance.

Competence Management Software

Track, monitor and assess the real-time competence of your organisation’s workers, teams, sites, and projects.

Just some of our clients who trust our software to manage, track and plan their workforce development

Our workforce development software can bring your business these benefits:

Training Management

Having all your workforce development tools and data in one place, accessible 24/7 by your regional or global teams, helps to dramatically reduce admin time through automation and real-time visibility.

3t Transform gives you real-time visibility of your workforce’s skills, knowledge and performance gaps and then allows you to build training plans for each worker to maximise compliance and on-the-job performance.

You can fill these skills’ gaps instantly with self-serve access to 100s of best-in-class digital training courses. You can also access 1000s of instructor-led or onsite training courses, delivered by a global network of trusted suppliers, in the exact locations you need.

3t Transform gives you real-time understanding and visibility of your skills’ gaps, compliance and competence status of each project, team and worker, to help make your business safer, smarter and more efficient.