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Virtual Reality Learning Content

Our view on Virtual Reality training

Where training is required for high hazard roles or with hazardous equipment, VR is the best way to develop the safe habits through repetitive and immersive learning. Learners can develop and embed safe working habits from remote locations without requiring extensive travel.

Typical business needs and challenges:

  • The learning is not able to experience the consequences of potential mistakes.
  • The learning is not always engaged in the learning content with other stimulus available.
  • The learner is not able to get to the specific learning environment easily.
  • The learner cannot train on specific equipment due to limited access e.g. always in use.

VR Content Oil and Gas


Learn in an immersive and protected environment


Our VR enables learners to experience the consequences of potential mistakes in an immersive and protected environment.

By ensuring learners are focused on their learning within an immersive and realistic environment.

Creating safe habits from immersive learning where the physical location and equipment is not easily accessible.

Our VR technology brings scenarios to life which are difficult to create in a physical environment, creating an emotional connection to their learning.

70% infographic

VR based training programs can reduce training time by 40% and improve employee performance by 70%, compared to traditional training. (Forbes, How VR, AR and MR Are Making A Positive Impact On Enterprise, Sol Rogers).


“Our virtual reality programme has proved extremely popular with clients and we are now planning to develop this further. We want to work with our clients to add more scenarios and learn more about how this type of application can help individual businesses and the industry in general.”

Gary Tomlin, Head of Research and Testing, UK and West Africa at DNV GL


"This is proving extremely effective and we are now planning to extend our virtual reality training across other land rig roles and procedures. We believe our positive experience can benefit the wider oil and gas sector by highlighting new and innovative ways of addressing workforce development.”

Coy Wilcox, Head of Training at Saudi Aramco Nabors Drilling


“Working with 3t Transform has been transformational for our business. Using virtual reality training has helped us to engage with younger audiences and attract them into the business. This is critical for our future growth and allows the business to maintain a lifeblood of trained and expert staff.”

Paul Blanchard, Director of Manufacturing at Komatsu

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