3t Transform Learning Technologies and Learning Management Tools

Our highly immersive technology and learning solutions can allow your employees to develop and hone their skills, knowledge and performance through self-initiated learning.

3t Transform’s learning technologies help to maximise learner engagement, boost the knowledge retention and fulfil the potential of any workforce.

Learning Management Software Platform

Innovative learning management tools

A blended learning approach provides ultimate flexibility when presenting complex or mundane topics. With proven potential to enhance both the effectiveness and efficiency of your workforce, our learning technologies put 3t Transform at the forefront of workforce development and training.

Choose how you learn from our platform of 6 immersive learning technologies giving you access to 100s of market-leading digital safety, skills and technical training courses.


elearning course


A broad, comprehensive range of safety, risk awareness, skills, technical and competence courses which enhance your workforce knowledge and understanding.

Video learning


Our distance learning platform that delivers content-rich and engaging video-based training wherever and whenever you need it.

VR learn platform


Immersive, engaging, virtual reality-based learning which replicates real-world scenarios in a virtual environment - perfect for site and safety inductions and standard operational procedure-based training.

R3-microlearning tool


Bite-sized, app-based learning workouts that are designed to build workforce engagement and knowledge retention.



Augmented reality-based learning tools which create an interactive, highly realistic, and engaging learning experience.

Advanced simulator based learning


Advanced technology that emulates real-world scenarios in realistic and absorbing learning environments.

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Training Management

Using a blended learning approach to deliver your training, of on-site, on-demand technology, as well as test skills and competence, maximises learning engagement and helps solve all your knowledge retention challenges.

Some of our learning technologies do require instructors, but they require less of their time, which helps save costs on travel fees, instructor expenses and training materials. Your learners also gain real-time access to training, so they can review it whenever they need it, which helps your organisation retain productivity, and overall increasing your return on investment.

A key focus of 3t Transform’s powerful learning tools is to improve workforce and operational safety. This could be through a virtual reality based site safety induction or bite-sized learning powered by our R3 platform.

The Transform learning technologies are powered by our cloud-based Workforce Development Software. It also seamlessly connects to the other Transform software to create a fully connected platform.

‘Find out how 3t Transform’s learning technologies and learning management tools can help your business today.