Learning technologies

3t Transform AR-learn: Augmented Reality-based Learning

Bring interactive scenarios to life in a real-world environment using a tablet or mobile device. AR-learn creates a truly engaging learning experience.

Transform learning technologies AR

High impact, dynamic and interactive learning

Our Augmented Reality (AR) platform is a fully interactive learning and knowledge-testing tool. AR-learn provides a unique opportunity for both trainers and trainees to undergo immersive, real-life scenarios before facing actual situations. As well as embedding safety procedures or operational procedures, AR-learn can test knowledge and understanding through interactive quizzes and challenges.

Bespoke to you

Our expert team can work with you to create a truly unique learning experience that matches your working processes or meets a particular training challenge in a super engaging way.

Stand-alone or extension of R3

The AR app and platform can be used as a stand-alone tool or as part of the R3 bite-size learning platform to extend the learning experience.


Set company-wide or team challenges to maximise learning engagement and knowledge building.

Why implement AR into your training?

Training Management

Augmented reality is a complete immersion experience, using highly-personalised experiences and content relevant to your company. The increased level of involvement AR requires, enhances the user experience and leads to better knowledge retention.

Using AR as an aid, trainers can train more efficiently and trainees can learn quicker. A highly efficient training environment for all parties involved, saving both time and money.

Augmented Reality is a highly-flexible training format, as the AR hardware can be used for remote training – negating the need for travel or on-site training sessions.

AR reduces the risk of mistakes or oversights because it provides a ‘real-world’ but safe training environment.

See for yourself what AR-learn can do for your training solutions.