Learning technologies

Bespoke course and learning development

We are the experts in designing bespoke learning content for companies across the globe. Whatever your learning objective, we can partner with you to achieve it.

Subject Matter Experts

Created by the experts - your options

We have lots of different options when it comes to creating new learning content.

Adapting content

We can take a current course and adapt the content to meet your specific learning objectives​.

Bespoke development​

We also have a team of Learning Specialists, industry Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), psychologists and teaching professionals, who have vast experience in developing courses. They can plan and develop courses to your exact needs.

Tech-driven content

Our bespoke courses aren't limited to just E-learning, we can also create course content for Video-learn, VR-learn, R3-microlearning, AR-learn and gaming.

Instructor-led courses

As well as planning, developing and rolling out technology-driven learning content, we can also develop bespoke instructor-led courses which can be delivered at AIS Survivex training centres or on-site at your workplaces.

Our expert team has created 100s of best-in-class safety, skill and technical digital courses.

The benefits of bespoke content:

Training Management

Our bespoke solutions adapt to the growth of your business. They easily accommodate your business needs and objectives, but can be modified to fit any process changes or employee needs.

Bespoke training has a higher knowledge retention rate than generic learning content as it is tailored with your learners in mind. We can work with you to really study and analyse not only the content but the target audience to make your learning programme as responsive as possible.

Learning is an important aspect of an organisation and how a company delivers it is imperative. Bespoke learning programmes can help your company incorporate the subtle differences that define your unique service offering – an essential advantage in a highly competitive business environment.

Off-the-shelf content can sometimes mean a company has to purchase programmes that are above or below their current requirements, resulting in paying for functionality they don’t use. With bespoke learning, we can create a training solution based on what you want to use and you will only have to pay for the features you need.

Read in more detail the amazing benefits of how our bespoke learning content can change the way you conduct your training and learning business-wide.

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