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If you're seeing poor knowledge retention after your employees conduct training or you need to rapidly deliver personalised training to new starters or your global teams, R3 can help.

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Continuous knowledge building and retention at your fingertips

R3 is a ground-breaking mobile app delivering regular subject-focused learning workouts, quizzes and knowledge-building exercises, rapidly and effectively to your workforce. It will totally revolutionise the way your workforce builds and retains essential job knowledge and information.

Particularly effective when used before or after a learning event, R3 helps your workforce prepare, then retain knowledge.

It’s also an innovative way to rapidly share operational policies and procedures, keeping your workforce up to date anywhere in the world.

The 3 R's of R3

r3 Transform

R3 can respond to your workers’ training needs by delivering personalised job specific learning plans to increase understanding and boost retention in their weaker knowledge areas.

R3 is based on the principles of spaced repetition learning, which delivers repeated learning in regular periodic patterns.

Using repetitive learning methods, R3 can help your workers to build vital knowledge, ensuring higher knowledge retention levels and reducing knowledge fade.

This not only makes them safer in their everyday job but also can help to reduce the need for additional training expenditure in the future.

Key features

Are you looking for a digital course to meet your specific training needs? Our expert course development team can help.

Through focused, repeated learning it helps you to retain safety-critical knowledge to help employees work in a safer, smarter way.

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R3 can also help to create an environment of safety and technical knowledge sharing within teams, sites, or across your whole operation. Teams can set up knowledge-building modules that other teams can learn from and interact with.

As knowledge is retained for longer periods it can improve worker efficiency. It can also help to reduce training costs.

Quick and easy to set-up on a local or global scale. An intuitive ‘mobile app’ style interface means workers can use it with minimal instruction.

R3 works seamlessly alongside your training, safety, compliance and competence strategy.

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