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VR Training, virtual environments and digital twins

Our powerful, state-of-the-art, Virtual Reality learning platform has been specifically designed to increase learning engagement and reduce training costs. Click below to find out more and watch our video to see it in action.

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Maximise learning engagement and retention with VR learning

With 3t Transform’s pioneering Virtual Reality training solutions you have the ability to test the skills and knowledge of your workers at any time.

What’s more, we can replicate your real-world sites and assets into the virtual world to create truly immersive, highly realistic and entirely tailored VR learning experiences.

Powered by our Learning Management System, this VR learning platform gives you full visibility of learning performance.

Building your virtual workplace

We can bring your real-world workplace or site to life in the virtual world allowing your staff to safely conduct site inductions, visualize and test safety-critical operating procedures or even view the impact and outcomes of unsafe scenarios or dangerous acts.

Using our VR digital twin technology makes your workforce safer and more risk-aware, helping to increase confidence as they feel fully prepared and job-ready.

Why implement VR into your training?

Virtual Reality is a more engaging and ‘hands-on’ way to learn processes, procedures and skills. It is proven to help people retain the knowledge they build for longer than traditional methods of learning. It also allows you to inform and test your workforce in safety-critical or emergency situations in safety, making them more prepared for the job.

The 3t Transform platform offers you the optimum means of delivering safety, site and asset inductions, as well as rolling out company-wide safety principles. And because it all happens within your own tailored VR world, it gives employees a highly realistic way to learn, test and hone their skills and knowledge.

By creating a 3D ‘digital twin’ of your site or assets within our cutting-edge VR platform, your workers are able to train in the most realistic scenarios possible. We can then tailor the scenarios and tests within the VR world to meet your exact needs and learning requirements.

Your VR digital twin offers a range of blended learning types, including instructional scenarios delivered by an avatar, equipment usage and reaction testing in safety scenarios. Tests and quizzes can also be utilised to assess worker knowledge, with the results feeding into reporting dashboards for real-time results.

Some of our global customers who use our VR technology to transform their learning methods.

Bespoke VR training courses

Immersive skills and knowledge testing

Our ground-breaking range of VR courses take E-Learning to a whole new level. Being fully immersive they make learning far more engaging and powerful, allowing your workforce to test their skills and knowledge in a wide variety of courses, such as Working at Height, Dropped Objects and Onsite Safety.


Setting up our VR courses is designed to be incredibly fast and simple, which allows your workforce to train and test their skills whenever they need to. The courses can be either fully immersive using head sets and controllers, or can be undertaken on hand-held devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Reduce training costs

In many cases, and across a broad range of skill sets, VR-based learning can dramatically reduce the need for instructor-led courses. Not only does this minimise the cost of training to your business, it also means that your workforce can train in-situ, thereby reducing the amount of time they need to spend off-site.

Request a demo to see for yourself how you can use our VR training platform to create fully immersive learning experiences.