Technology-driven learning

Augmented Reality Solutions

Our Augmented Reality (AR) platform is a fully interactive learning and knowledge-testing tool.

High impact interactive learning

AR allows you to bring to life interactive scenarios into your real-world environment through a tablet or mobile device. You then use the AR app to interact with the scene, creating a truly engaging learning experience.

Dynamic and immersive ways to learn

AR creates a fully immersive way for your workforce to understand safety procedures or operational processes, testing their knowledge and understanding through interactive quizzes and challenges.

Off-the-shelf or 100% bespoke

We offer an off-the-shelf PPE safety equipment selection module, or our expert tech team can work with you to create a truly unique experience which matches your processes or procedures perfectly.

Stand-alone or extension of R3

The AR app and platform can be used as a stand-alone tool or as part of the R3 bite-size learning platform to extend the learning experience.


Set company-wide or team challenges to maximise learning engagement and knowledge building.

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