Technology-driven learning

E-learn platform

E-learning is a cost effective accessible way for your workforce to test their knowledge and understanding of the key safety, compliance and competence needs for their job roles.

Flexible and cost effective

Our e-learning courses, powered by our Learning Management software module, are designed to be 100% compatible with your compliance and competence framework. They can be used on-demand to test and refresh skills and knowledge, while our e-learning modules can be accessed on desktop, tablet or mobile, giving your workforce complete flexibility and control over their learning.

On-demand learning

Extensive directory

Our e-learning directory covers a vast range of safety, technical and competence-based courses, allowing personnel to test their knowledge in all aspects of their work.

Learning engagement

E-learning increases learning engagement and promotes self-initiated learning by allowing your workforce to undertake their training at any time.

Reduce costs

E-learning helps to minimise the cost of training to your business by enabling workers to expand their knowledge without the need to travel.

The e-learning courses available through Transform are accredited by world leading bodies

Our E-learn platform has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use.

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    The delegate can quickly see visibility of where they are in the learning process

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