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Introducing the R3 - the most powerful self-initiated and on-demand micro learning platform on the market today.

If you're seeing poor knowledge retention after your employees conduct training or you need to rapidly deliver personalised training to new starters or your global teams, R3 can help.

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Potential knowledge retention rate to help reduce future training costs
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Continuous knowledge building and retention at your fingertips

The R3 platform is a groundbreaking micro learning tool based on the principles of spaced repetition learning. R3 is mobile/tablet based app that delivers regular subject-focused learning workouts, quizzes and knowledge building exercises rapidly and effectively to totally revolutionise the way your workforce learns.

The key aim is to continuously boost risk awareness, safety and technical knowledge to increase compliance and competence within their job role.

It also allows you to rapidly share operational, policies and procedures to your workforce anywhere in the world.

R3. Easy to set up and ready when you need it

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    Bite size knowledge quizzes

    Test the knowledge of your workforce using regular bite-size quizzes

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    Progress guide

    Your worker can see their progress throughout the quiz or knowledge building workout

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The science behind R3

Spaced Repetition

The R3 platform is built around a learning theory called ‘Spaced Repetition’ which uses regular and repeated ‘intervals’ of learning.

Knowledge retention

The use of ‘spaced repetition' has been shown to increase the rate of learning and the length of time the knowledge is retained.

Continuous learning

We have designed R3 to focus on the 3 main stages of a training or learning event - pre, on-event and post - to make R3 fully embedded in the learning process.

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