Technology-driven learning

Simulator-based learning

Simulation is one of the most effective methods of learning available. So our advanced simulators, powered by Drilling Systems, provide highly realistic and immersive learning environments which emulate drilling, well control, well intervention and crane operations in real time.

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Drilling Systems' On The Rig drilling and well control simulator

Revolutionising the way your workforce learns and test their skills

Our simulators offer your personnel the opportunity to test safety-critical, challenging or dangerous operations in a safe environment, which ultimately enables operational excellence in the field.

Powered by a learning management system which seamlessly connects to the training and competence management software modules you have full visibility of the progress and performance of each worker.

On-The-Rig (OTR) - Revolutionise the way your workforce test their skills

Drilling Systems' On The Rig drilling and well control simulator

Maximise safety

OTR is a portable, real-time simulator which brings drilling and equipment operations, well control and crane training to the rig itself. And thanks to its ability to deliver continuous training, development and assessment, it is revolutionising how safety is being optimised in the drilling industry.


Thanks to our OTR simulators you can now deploy essential training rapidly whenever and wherever it’s needed. Our fully portable units not only deliver training and competence testing on-rig, but also minimise your operational and training costs by reducing the travel time of your workforce.

Test real scenarios

As the OTR can be utilised in-situ whenever your personnel have downtime that can be used to learn, it offers them ample opportunities to rehearse challenging or infrequent operations in a safe environment. As a result, our simulators deliver enhanced operational excellence in the field.

MultiSim - powerful, flexible with multiple exercises

MultiSim Simulator

Clients who trust our Simulators to maximise the potential of their workforce

”I often wonder how Operators and Drilling Contractors can afford NOT to have an OTR on their rigs. A fraction of the day rate of a rig, it improves safety and operational efficiency and will repay the investment many hundreds of times over.”

Steve Collard, MD, WellTrain

Find out how our Simulator range can transform the way you train and test your workforce.

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