Transform workforce learning and development in the Automotive Industry.

A revolutionary solution to streamline your training and learning needs. Our platform of cloud-based management software and learning technologies, help reduce training costs, maximising the safety, competence, and compliance of your organisation.

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Why choose Transform?

Accessible online and offline, Transform’s dashboard allows companies to seamlessly track every detail of your business from one central platform. Our technologies can be blended together to create an effective learning plan, personalised for every worker across all departments, to increase knowledge retention within the workforce.

Our range of learning technologies bring new, immersive and more engaging ways to train and test the skills and on-the-job competence of your teams. Combined with our range of powerful software, you can manage and track the safety, compliance and competence of your workforce in real-time, helping maximise your operational performance and efficiency.

Trusted by our global clients to help manage the competence, development and potential of over 250,000 people.

This is your classroom...

Immersive tech-driven ways for your workforce to learn - anytime, anywhere and totally tailored to your compliance needs. All powered by learning management software to track competence, progress and performance.


Perfect for delivering knowledge or theory based training online, anytime and anywhere you need it. We offer this in pre-recorded or live options and it can be delivered to individual workers or teams.


Enhanced online training courses which include interactive knowledge building and assessments. Ideal to build knowledge in any subject and can work to constantly refresh your workers skills, competence and understanding of safety critical practices.


Immersive virtual reality learning ideal for site and safety and risk awareness inductions and knowledge building. We can also build 3D digital twins of your work space and your exact processes to make the training as realistic as possible.

R3 (Respond, Repeat, Retain)

App based, bite-size learning workouts and micro courses tailored to the workers job role and knowledge gaps. R3 extends the learning cycle, gamifies learning within teams and boosts engagement and knowledge retention.

Augmented reality

AR allows you to bring to life interactive 3D scenarios into your real-world environment through a tablet or mobile device. Our ground-breaking immersive platform creates truly engaging ways to learn safety, risk and manufacturing processes.

Build your own courses

All our learning technologies allow you to build up your own courses based on your own learning objectives and job role competence needs. We also have a content team who can create courses tailored to your exact needs.

Personalised learning plans

Our learning technologies can be blended together to create tailored training plans for each team, job role or individual focused on improving safety, risk awareness and competence. The learning is cost effective allowing your workers to repeat courses to increase and retain knowledge.

Learning remotely

In times where training together on site isn't possible our platform of cloud-based learning technologies allow your teams to continue their training and personal development. Employees 'self-initiate' the training, learning at their own pace.

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Tailored to your needs

Whether you need the full workforce development platform, a single tool to manage a specific task or access to one or all our learning technologies, Transform is fully scalable and flexible to meet your needs.

We also offer a range of cost-effective packages – get in touch to find out more.

Find out more or request a demo to see how we can Transform your workforce development