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Our range of software and technology driven learning solutions are a perfect way to enhance the learning experience for your students to get them ready for industry.

All the tools you need to transform the your learning approach

Transform offers a wide variety of software and technology that can help your students prepare for industry. We offer immersive ground-breaking learning technology such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Simulation which is powered Drilling Systems, the world’s number 1 simulator technology solution provider.

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Our learning technology can help to best prepare your students for work in the energy sector. Our powerful Simulator and Virtual Reality platforms create hyper realistic learning environments with built in scenarios and procedures that follow current industry best practice.


All our technology looks to enhance students engagement with learning. This includes fully immersive Simulators and Virtual Reality tools which allow students to increase their knowledge and test skills of real world scenarios in the classroom. R3 also allows you to set challenges within each class to gamify the learning experience to improve self initiated learning engagement.

Knowledge retention

A key focus of our learning technology tools is to boost and continuously improve long term knowledge retention. Our R3 learning platform gives you that power by delivering short bite-sized learning workouts after each part of the curriculum to make sure students can constantly build on the knowledge gained.

Track progress

As the Transform platform is fully connected and cloud-based you can see the real-time progress and performance of each student through powerful software and data dashboards. If some students need more help in certain areas our technology can help to improve skills and understanding to fill these knowledge gaps.

"Students will be able to use simulators to develop technical and non-technical skills and capabilities, while improving team performance. All this helps to prepare them for industry in the best way possible"

Professor Paul de Leeuw, Director, Robert Gordon University

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