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Competence Management

Getting a clear picture of the competence of your workforce is crucial but can be challenging. Transform's world-leading competence management module can help you manage and understand the on-the-job skills, knowledge and competence of your entire workforce.

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Create a safer, smarter and more efficient workforce

Having enabled you to create a competence framework that’s tailored specifically to your own business, the module then tests the skills and proficiency of your workforce.

In so doing it identifies any skills and development gaps, highlights and promotes knowledge transfer, and maximises the potential of your workforce by refining skills and expanding knowledge.

Increase on-the-job performance

Some sample features and functionality of the Competence Management module

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    Competence status

    Visual indication of current competence status of the candidate

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    Safety critical visibility

    Visual indication showing which units and tasks are safety critical

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    Easy to use

    All your assessment tools are accessible from one screen giving you full visibility

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