Cloud-based software modules

Intelligence and Insight

At the heart of this module lie the real-time dashboards and reporting tools which are embedded in the entire Transform platform, providing you with vital insights into all aspects of your organisation’s operations.

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Visibility of safety, compliance and competence

Real-time intelligence. Considered actions.

Using this module gives you the power to see exactly what is happening at any time and in any location across your entire business.

Its potent software enables you to drill down to understand the safety, compliance, competence and performance of individual workers, teams, projects, sites and even global operations.

Visibility of all your operations and workforce data. Select a hotspot to find out more.

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    Skills gaps

    Visibility of skills, knowledge and performance gaps

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    Visibility of the the current compliance of your worker, team, project or job role.

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    Tailored to you

    Dashboards can be configured to show data relevant to each team member

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    Visibility of safety-critical and non safety critical competence for each worker, job role and team

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