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COSHH Awareness

  • Code:
  • Duration:
    30 minutes
  • Language:   
    UK English
  • Level:
  • Target audience:
    All relevant personnel

This course provides an overview of the requirements of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations, the risks associated with working with hazardous substances and the control measures that can be taken to reduce exposure to hazardous substances.

Learning objectives

  • LO1
    Describe the potential harmful effects of exposure to substances hazardous to health
  • LO2
    Identify the different types and forms of hazardous substances
  • LO3
    Describe the ways in which you may be exposed to substances hazardous to health
  • LO4
    Explain responsibilities under the COSHH Regulations
  • LO5
    Explain the COSHH risk assessment requirements
  • LO6
    Explain the use of safety data sheets
  • LO7
    Identify the internationally recognised hazard pictograms
  • LO8
    Describe typical control measures for handling hazardous substances
  • LO9
    Describe the exposure monitoring requirements
  • LO10
    Explain health surveillance requirements
  • LO11
    Describe requirements for the safe storage of hazardous substances

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