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Dangerous Goods by Air Awareness (HCA-approved)

  • Code:
  • Duration:
    80 minutes
  • Language:   
    UK English
  • Level:
  • Target audience:
    Offshore based personnel involved in helicopter operations
  • Approval:
    Helideck Certification Agency (HCA)

This awareness course provides an overview of industry best practice in relation to the transportation of dangerous goods by air. The course has been accepted by the Helideck Certification Agency (HCA) and is in accordance with Part 1, Chapter 1.4 of the ICAO Technical Instructions and Section 1.5 of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, Categories 7, 8 and 9.

Learning objectives

  • LO1
    Explain the dangerous goods training requirements for certain activities
  • LO2
    Explain what dangerous goods are
  • LO3
    Define the regulations applicable to dangerous goods by air
  • LO4
    Explain the requirements for passengers and aircraft crew
  • LO5
    Identify the classes of dangerous goods
  • LO6
    Describe the regulations for transporting dangerous goods by air mail
  • LO7
    Identify where to find the dangerous goods list
  • LO8
    Identify the provisions for excepted and limited quantities
  • LO9
    Identify the provisions for airworthiness and operating items
  • LO10
    Explain the different packing groups
  • LO11
    Describe UN approved packaging
  • LO12
    Describe the labelling and markings required for dangerous goods
  • LO13
    Define the documentation required for the transportation of dangerous goods by air
  • LO14
    Describe how to handle, store and inspect dangerous goods
  • LO15
    Explain who to report incidents to and the actions to take in an emergenc
  • LO16
    Identify the requirements for handling radioactive packages

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