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Mechanical Joint Integrity

  • Code:
  • Duration:
    120 minutes
  • Language:   
    UK English
  • Level:
  • Target audience:
    All relevant personnel

This course provides an awareness of the importance of mechanical joint integrity and techniques and the materials used in its application.

Learning objectives

  • LO1
    Explain the importance of mechanical joint integrity
  • LO2
    Define what mechanical joint integrity is
  • LO3
    Identify and describe the main components of a mechanical joint
  • LO4
    Identify and describe the different types of flanges
  • LO5
    List and describe types of gaskets and their use
  • LO6
    Describe the role of bolts and nuts within a joint
  • LO7
    Identify the principles of joint assembly
  • LO8
    Explain importance of flange alignment and managing stress
  • LO9
    Explain the purpose of tightening, and bolt load
  • LO10
    Identify methods of tightening
  • LO11
    Define what torque is and its use within a flanged joint
  • LO12
    Describe how torque is calculated
  • LO13
    Explain the role of friction when applying torque
  • LO14
    Describe the role of lubrication
  • LO15
    Identify the factors that affect torque tightening
  • LO16
    Explain the use of bolt load calculations
  • LO17
    Describe how bolts can be tightened by hand using torque wrenches
  • LO18
    Describe the bolt sequencing requirements
  • LO19
    Describe load loss and the role of auditing
  • LO20
    Identify the types of bolt tightening failure
  • LO21
    Describe hydraulic methods of tightening
  • LO22
    Explain how a hydraulic bolt tensioner works
  • LO23
    Describe why load loss happens and how to calculate load transfer factor
  • LO24
    Describe break loose checks
  • LO25
    Identify the methods of assuring bolt load
  • LO26
    Identify the advantages of using hydraulic bolt tensioners
  • LO27
    Describe what breakout torque is and how to dismantle bolted connections

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