How it can help your business

Transform is a connected platform of software and technology that will transform your learning and workforce development around 3 stages of the lifecycle.

Transform your workforce development in 3 steps

Transform gives you all the tools you need to have the visibility and control you need to manage the full life cycle of your training and workforce development journey.

1. Getting your workforce job ready

An essential step in making sure you have the right people in the right roles

Creating your business structure

Set up your sites, projects, teams, job roles and employees in the Transform software platform.

Testing knowledge

Through our R3 and E-Learn and Augmented Reality learning platform you can begin to get an understanding of your workforce knowledge.

Understanding compliance

Powerful software tools to build job role training matrices and view the real-time compliance of your workforce.

Finding and filling skills gaps

See skills gaps instantly and have the power to book training to fill the gaps.

Site and safety inductions

Use Virtual Reality, E-Learn and R3 learning technology to inform and test your workforce before mobilisation.

2. Improving on-the-job performance

Realising potential and creating a safer, smarter workforce


Book and manage the on going training of all your workforce including automated training requests and re-certificate alert management.


Track and monitor the competence of your workforce using intuitive software tools.

Testing skills

Test skills, reaction to dangerous or disaster scenarios and knowledge of SOP in safety using immersive Simulator and Virtual Reality technology.

Knowledge retention

Retaining knowledge is a problem within all industries but this can be solved using our R3 learning technology.

Self-initiated learning

Our learning technology is mobile and on demand meaning your staff can train and test their skills as part of their own personal development plan.

Working smarter and improving efficiency

Reducing costs, working smarter and planning for the future

Train smarter

Use our technology-driven learning to reduce costs and minimise downtime.

Training cost efficiency

Tap into the Global Training Market place to find the best training at the best price at the location best suited to your workforce.

Insight and intelligence

Tailored dashboards and reporting give you the real-time information you need to be safety, compliance and competence assured.

Job role transfer and team dynamics

Find out which staff could up-skill or move to new job roles to minimise recruitment costs. Build more effective teams by reviewing human factors

Planning for the future

Powerful forecasting reports can allow you to plan for recruitment and workforce requirement for new projects.

Transform connects the full journey...

"This was the easiest customer experience I have ever had. I’m a small business owner with 35 staff and wanted more compliance visibility throughout my business. In less than 24 hours I had our complete workforce into a management system. Real time data a click away allowing me to sleep at night but more importantly - I can now develop our workforce and scale."

Stephen Rutherford, CEO, Monument design and build