Meet the Team

3t Transform has a team of industry experts, all with a passion to truly transform the way people train, develop and manage their workforce development.

Transform meet the team

Innovation and passion in everything we do

From offices in the UK, Houston, Dubai and China, we have a multi-national team of expert coders, user experience designers, quality assurance, customer experience and content teams working on 3t Transform. All focused on making our products as powerful and transformational as possible for our clients.

We are always looking for new talent to grow our team. People with passion and energy to help transform the way people engage with learning.

Onboarding and support

The team, led by Rachael Peters, gives you all the support and guidance you need when setting up your 3t Transform platform.


Our expert team of coders are the brains behind our software and technology platform

UX and UI design

The user experience of the platform is key for us so we have a dedicated team who make sure this is class leading.

Content creators

Our team of subject matter experts and content creators help to make our learning technology platform to be as engaging and immersive as possible.

Quality assurance

Nothing gets past our team of quality assurance experts - their focus is on making sure the quality and performance of the platform is 100%.

Meet our expert team

Rachael Peters

Head of Client Onboarding

Rachael heads the team that plans and delivers the implementation of the 3t Transform platform, including the set up of new client's systems to ensure a smooth onboarding process. Rachael has vast industry expertise in the training and learning sector so has a deep understanding of the importance of job role compliance and competence frameworks.

Linsey Horberry

Head of Learning

Linsey has over 12 years’ experience in designing and managing the development of digital learning content. Linsey’s role at 3t Transform is to define the learning roadmap for your training and learning platform. She uses her vast industry expertise to develop your training matrix and competency framework.