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Virtual Reality Learning

Inaccessible locations become accessible

High-risk environments become safe

High-risk environments become safe

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Specialised training becomes simpler

Remote teams virtual workspace

Remote teams can collaborate in a virtual workspace

Training costs are reduced

Training costs are reduced

"VR-based training programs can reduce training time by 40% and improve employee performance by 70% compared to traditional training.'*

*Forbes, How VR, AR And MR Are Making A Positive Impact On Enterprise, Sol Rogers.
Virtual Reality Learning

Replace outdated training and improve outcomes

  • Replicate and demonstrate volatile and dangerous situations
  • Immerse personnel in unfamiliar environments
  • Ensure the best possible preparation for operators – especially in safety critical environments
  • Learn and experiment in a risk-free, safe zone
  • Become familiar with specialised, complex, and high value equipment and machinery (often replacing expensive simulators at a fraction of the cost)
  • Train people on equipment that’s still being built or commissioned
  • Integrate with digital twins, online e-learning content, and company-specific training to provide a comprehensive and highly bespoke training suite.

“This is proving extremely effective and we are now planning to extend our virtual reality training across other land rig roles and procedures.”

Coy Wilcox, Head of Training at Saudi Aramco Nabors Drilling
Virtual Reality Learning

Stunning, fully immersive 3D worlds

Photorealistic imagery and true-to-form asset replicas are all made possible with our technology expertise, providing engaging real-life environments for your training purposes. Our team of technologists will work with you to create a solution to meet your requirements – be that a short VR training exercise – or an extensive multi-modal VR and digital twin programme that blends learning applications.

Some of our global customers who use our VR technology to transform their learning methods.