The smartest way to a safer workforce

Transform is a truly pioneering platform providing workforce development solutions to businesses around the globe. One with the power to change, enhance and improve the safety, compliance, competence and efficiency of your entire workforce.

Workforce development. Transformed.

Transform is a platform of connected software and technology which helps organisations by managing, delivering and monitoring training solutions that advance the knowledge and skills of their employees. And thanks to its innovative structure, Transform is able to evolve to meet any future requirements.

Transform is built by a team of industry experts so we know the problems businesses can face

Safety, compliance and competence assured.

Time saving and improved operational efficiency.

All your data, all in one place

Transform seamlessly connects your teams wherever they are in the world, providing them with instant access to workforce data from any location. And because Transform offers full connectivity with internal HR software solutions, it avoids information duplication, ensures data integrity and streamlines validity.

Cost savings

Using Transform software and technology can reduce your organisation’s training costs. In addition, it minimises your resource requirements and consolidates tasks into a single piece of software, allowing you to connect all your operational data in once place. It also saves money by being an entirely paperless solution.

Intelligence and insights

By providing real-time performance insights and intelligence dashboards, Transform gives you clear visibility of operational performance by individual, by team, by location and by project. It also delivers powerful, bespoke reporting, plus automated SMS and email notifications, all of which enable smarter decision-making.

Complete flexibility - you're in control.

Tailored to your needs

Being a module-based platform, Transform is totally versatile. As a result, you have the latitude to select only the modules that are most appropriate to your business operations, and add new modules as and when your needs change.

Tailored to you

Transform allows you to configure a selection of process flows and naming protocols so they align with your internal processes. Alternatively, we can provide plug-and-play software, or act as your organisation’s technology partner.

Tailored to the future

Transform never stands still. The platform has been designed and created by leading industry experts from around the globe who constantly refine, develop and update it to ensure it is capable of meeting every possible requirement.

"Our business is complex as we have over 4000 employees in 20 countries and we wanted visibility and a better foundation to develop our workforce. We were in the process of purchasing another platform but when we saw the benefits of the premium package of software and learning tech we chose Transform. It really is changing the way we manage the skills and competence of our workforce."

John Kent, CSO, Kentech

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