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The future of learning and performance, our all-in-one workforce development platform gives you all the tools you need to get the best out of your people.

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Learning Management Software Platform

Powerful and scalable

Unlock the power of your workforce potential with our game-changing platform of cloud-based workforce development software and user-friendly learning technologies. These give you the tools to manage, deliver and grow workforce training and competency and advance your safety, compliance and performance.

All the tools you need to…

Training Management

Advanced tools to understand your workforces’ current skills and knowledge

Build tailored learning plans for each job role and individual to get your workforce job-ready and maximise your operational compliance.

Instantly book and manage digital and instructor-led training courses to fill your skills’ gaps, helping to create a safer, smarter workforce.

Real-time dashboards to track learning progress and performance, forecast training spend and maximise operational efficiency.

Workforce Training Software

Smart software

At the heart of 3t Transform is a range of fully connected workforce development software that manage and track the safety, compliance and competence of your workforce.

Three products to help you plan, track and manage

Training Management

Plan, book and manage your training compliance

Using our Training & Compliance Management Software you can build tailored training plans for each of your employees based on their job role and current compliance.

Learning Management Software

Manage your learning progress

Deliver your learning and development programme through our Learning Management Software. Review learning engagement and knowledge retention, assign courses and track performance using real-time data.

Competency Management

Assess and track your workforce performance

Our Competence Management Software can track and monitor the real-time safety critical competence of your organisation's workers, teams, sites and projects.

Learning Management Software Platform

Innovative learning technologies

Our ground-breaking learning technologies can now help to fill any skills and knowledge gaps preparing your workforce to be 100% job-ready.

All the learning tools, including E-learn, VR-learn & AR learn, are performance-tracked through our Learning Management Software and seamlessly connect to our other Workforce Management Software too.

Six ways to learn, engage, test and retain

VR learn platform

Conduct site and safety inductions through a virtual world

3t Transform’s fully immersive VR-learn platform can also be used to conduct site inductions and safety and risk awareness training to help get job-ready.

elearning course

Access a library of E-Learn off-the-shelf courses

Our E-learn courses can be used on-demand, 24/7 and on any device to test and refresh skills and knowledge, giving your workforce complete flexibility and control over their learning.

R3-microlearning tool

Revolutionise the way your workforce builds & retains knowledge

The R3-microlearning tool increases learning engagement and knowledge retention, with regular bite-sized learning workouts designed around job role compliance, competence and safety.

Video learning

Boost and refresh knowledge to power up performance

Improve learning outcomes and make learning fun, through increased engagement and interactivity using Video-learn.


Create unique environments & realise potential

Create bespoke AR experiences for each employee, enhancing skills like problem-solving and collaboration to better prepare workers for the future.

Advanced simulator based learning

Test the skills and knowledge of your workforce

Our powerful mobile Simulator range allows self-initiated, instructor-less training to test and increase on-the-job performance and competence on-demand.

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Delegates' learning retention when using VR compared with standard methods
Learning Management Software Platform

Knowledge, Insight, forecast

Your team has access to bespoke data dashboards and reporting, giving full real-time visibility and assurance of the risks, compliance and competence of your workforce, across all sites and projects.

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