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We ensure our customers are at the heart of every solution we provide. We take a consultative approach, listening to your biggest challenges, to build solutions to meet your business and training needs.

Training Management System

We build solutions for you

3t Transform gives you all the tools you need to have the visibility and control you need to manage the full life cycle of your training and workforce development journey.

Our mission is to transform your workforce management with technology, so whatever challenges your business faces, our platform of workforce development software and learning technology can help. And thanks to it’s innovative module-based structure, 3t Transform is able to evolve to meet any future requirements.

Competence, compliance & safety assured.

The smartest way to a safer workforce

Struggling with knowledge retention & learning engagement?

Our blended learning technology increases knowledge retention and learning engagement. This approach gives your employees access to training that suits the way they learn.

Hectic employee schedules?

Our R3 micro-learning app is optimized for mobile use. Mobile features allow learners to access the 3t Transform platform and training materials anywhere, any time.

Multiple remote or dispersed global teams?

Remote working can be challenging for both an employer and employee. 3t Transform gives your teams the flexibility to work both online and offline, at anytime on multiple devices. You’ll get an overall view of everyone’s training, whatever their location.

Is getting your staff job-ready a challenge?

Our platform is an essential tool when making sure you have the right people in the right roles. You can create your business structure, test knowledge, understand your entire teams’ compliance, identify and fill skills’ gaps and create site and safety inductions - all from the convenience of one platform.

Need to view the competence of individual employees?

3t Transform allows you to monitor workforce competence by constantly tracking compliance. It also retains all certs and important documents securely in one place, and notifies you automatically about re-certs, skills’ gaps and training requirements.

Struggling to find learning that makes an impact?

Our team at 3t Transform understands the way people learn. We use our expertise to create training technologies that help your employees to be safer and smarter.

Are you facing similar challenges in your business? Get in touch with our expert team to arrange a demo and see how we can help.

Work smarter & improve operational efficiencies.

Reducing costs, working smarter and planning for the future

Struggling to get full visibility of your projects and workforce?

3t Transform tracks the safety, compliance, competence and skills’ gaps of your workforce, giving you real-time data, dashboards and reporting for all your sites and teams.

Looking to find ways to increase efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint?

The use of 3t Transform technology can help your business move towards a paperless operation. It can also give you options to reduce travel time for training via remote learning technologies.

Using multiple unconnected systems?

3t Transform seamlessly connects your teams, wherever they are in the world. Providing instant access to workforce data from any location.

Is your training costing too much?

Using Transform software and technology can significantly reduce your organisation’s training costs.

Tangled in spreadsheets and duplicated data?

You can connect all your operational and workforce data in one secure location, without the need for multiple spreadsheets, or duplicate data entry.

Too complicated to move systems?

Our expert onboarding team will guide you through the whole process, taking time to understand your operational needs and the challenges you face to streamline your 3t Transform platform.

Are you facing similar challenges in your business? Get in touch with our expert team to arrange a demo and see how we can help.

"This was the easiest customer experience I have ever had. I’m a small business owner with 35 staff and wanted more compliance visibility throughout my business. In less than 24 hours I had our complete workforce into a management system. Real time data a click away allowing me to sleep at night but more importantly - I can now develop our workforce and scale."

Stephen Rutherford, CEO, Monument Design & Build