Tangled in spreadsheets and duplicated data?

A steady rise in remote work and a decentralized workforce has led to new challenges in training and development.

Training can be become difficult to keep on top of when workforces are geographically dispersed: differences in training may even lead to inconsistencies and misunderstandings. 3t Transform helps centralise your training and gives everyone the same learning experience.

How can 3t Transform help?

Remote working allows the freedom to perform jobs from locations that best suit your workers occupations and lifestyles.

With the flexibility of one cloud-based platform, accessible 24/7 and on multiple devices, our management software and learning technologies can be built around your team, whatever the size or location, to create the ultimate learning experience.

Explore the benefits of the 3t Transform platform below.

Making training materials available offline as well as online will maximize flexibility for remote workers to train at times convenient for their schedules and activities. Some remote professionals may absorb new information better in the morning, while others may prefer to learn just before bed; our platform facilitates training during their most productive hours.

A secure, single sign-on (SSO) process for all teams makes access to training sessions easy, without having to remember multiple log-in details.

By providing real-time performance insights and intelligence dashboards, you have full visibility of operational performance by individual, by team, by location or by project.

Recognising that your employees work differently and enabling self-initiated learning, boosts morale amongst your workers, increasing learning engagement and ultimately improving knowledge retention.

"Our business is complex as we have over 4000 employees in 20 countries and we wanted visibility and a better foundation to develop our workforce. We were in the process of purchasing another platform but when we saw the benefits of the premium package of software and learning tech we chose 3t Transform. It really is changing the way we manage the skills and competence of our workforce."

John Kent, CSO, Kentech

Discover how 3t Transform can shape your workforce training