3t Transform connects the full learning and training journey

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Transform gives you all the software and learning tools you need...

How it works

Firstly set up your operational structure by adding your sites, projects, job roles and employees to the platform. 3t Transform also allows easy integration to your ERP system such as SAP or Oracle meaning your HR workforce data can be instantly synced.

Training Management System

Use the Risk Profiler app allowing your workers to conduct a psychometric test to understand their risk awareness and key human factor attributes which builds a unique safety and risk profile which can be used to build team dynamics.

Using the Training Management module you can build tailored training plans for each worker based on their job role and current compliance. Based on their training history, which can be batch uploaded, 3t Transform automatically checks the safety and skills compliance matching it against the site or asset they will be working on.

This gives you full visibility of each workers skills, knowledge and performance gaps.

Based on skills and knowledge required for each job role you can then understand and assess their current competence with the competence management module.

Now you're ready to start using our immersive technology-driven learning tools...

3t Transform’s fully immersive V-Learn platform can also be used to conduct site inductions and safety and risk awareness training to help get job-ready.

3T Transform’s powerful mobile Simulator range allows self-initiated, instructor-less training to test and increase on-the-job performance and competence on-demand.

To increase learning engagement and knowledge retention 3t Transform’s game-changing R3 learning tool revolutionises the way your workforce learn. It provides regular bite-sized learning workouts designed around their job role compliance, competence and safety and risk awareness profile to constantly boost and refresh knowledge to power up their performance.

Our E-Learn courses, powered by our Learning Management Software, are designed to be 100% compatible with your compliance and competence framework. They can be used on-demand to test and refresh skills and knowledge, while our e-learning modules can be accessed on desktop, tablet or mobile, giving your workforce complete flexibility and control over their learning.

Transform can also connect you with a global directory of training...

Get full visibility of the safety, compliance and competence of your workforce...

Transform is trusted by over 30 global clients to manage the training, development and potential of over 250,000 people.