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Transform gives Oil & Gas Drilling contractors all the workforce development and training tools needed to create safer, smarter and more efficient workers. It also gives management teams all the visibility and assurance they need of the rigs real-time safety, compliance and competence.

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Visibility of safety, compliance and competence of your workforce
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Transform the way you train and prepare your workforce

Transform gives you access to all the training tools you need to prepare your workforce. This connects to a range of powerful software modules that manage and track the real-time safety and competence of your workers on each asset giving the visibility you need to operate in confidence.

The platform includes immersive ground-breaking learning technology such as Virtual Reality and Simulation which is powered by Drilling Systems, the world’s number 1 simulator technology solution provider.

All the training tools you need

Transform gives you a fully blended and connected platform learning tools which train and prepare your workforce. Our powerful instructor-less Simulator and Virtual Reality platforms are developed to mirror your real-world asset in the virtual world allowing you to recreate SOP, safety and disaster scenarios in safety. This creates a fully immersive and realistic training environment for your workforce.

Increase efficiency

Using our Simulators and Virtual Reality platforms your workforce can test and retest their knowledge and skills to improve safety critical compliance and competence. This helps to create safer, smarter and more efficient workers helping to improve asset uptime and operational performance.

Up and cross skill

Transform allows you to instantly highlight skills, knowledge and performance gaps and also the insight to see how workers can up or cross skill to new job roles. With Transform you are connected to a huge portfolio of training tools including instructor-led and on-site training delivered anywhere in the world.

Full visibility

As the Transform platform is fully connected and cloud-based you can see the real-time safety, compliance and competence performance of your asset through powerful software and data dashboards. If some team members need more training in certain areas our technology can help to improve skills and understanding to fill these performance gaps giving your Rig Managers peace of mind that every POB is fully trained.

"The Stella Don project helped us test and verify our crews' skills levels in a safe, fast and highly effective way and by rolling out the approach to our other Drillships we can give our clients assurance that we are operating at the highest levels of safety and competency."

Stuart Green, Operations Manager, Stena Drilling

Clients who trust transform to help manage the safety, compliance and competence of their workforce.

The power to transform your learning and workforce development.

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