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Getting a clear picture of the competence of your workforce is crucial. Our competency management software can help you manage and understand the on-the-job skills, knowledge and competence of your entire workforce.

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competency management software

Our competency management software creates a safer, smarter workforce

Our platform enables you to create a competence framework that’s tailored specifically to your own business.

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Build your Assessment library

Our flexible assessment builder tool allows you to easily set Units, Elements and Tasks within each assessment and prioritise and highlight those which are safety-critical.

Assess competence easily

An intuitive assessment interface allows real-time collaboration between the candidate, assessor and verifier.

Evidence file store and matrix

Searchable document store allowing all users to easily find and assess the evidence of competence unit. The evidence matrix gives a quick at-a-glance overview of what evidence has been attached to each unit and task.

Reasons to choose our competency management software

Training Management

The power to assess your workforce against key on-the-job performance criteria to create safer, smarter and more efficient workers.

3t Transform gives you full visibility of units and tasks which are safety-critical to your operations.

During an assessment the assessor or competence manager can add any gaps they see a worker has. This allows a training plan to be developed to increase knowledge and close gaps.

Dashboards and reporting giving your teams the worker competence visibility they need across all your sites and assets; all of which can be accessed offline.

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