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Make training and development your competitive advantage by integrating our industry-leading Training Management System (TMS).

Our TMS empowers organisations across the globe to thrive thanks to its smart training management tools and training compliance software. Learn more by requesting a demo below or by watching our video.

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Transform’s Training Management System

Real-time management and monitoring

Transform’s Training Management System (TMS) provides full visibility of your business’s training requirements, schedules and booking workflow.

Explore how it works below.

Workforce, site, teams and job role data

All your workforce data is stored in one place, allowing you to manage your operations, including job role and team management.

Instantly identify gaps

Assign each of your employees a training matrix tailored to their job role and instantly see skills and knowledge gaps. Allowing you to view and plan your workforce training requirements.

Course directory

Build your own course directory through our 3t Marketplace or access the largest energy sector training course portfolio delivered by best-in-class training providers such as AIS Survivex.

Training course requests and booking management

Training request and approval process including SMS and email based approval alerts sent to key stakeholders.

Re-certificate management

Keep on top of your workforce's training with our time-based traffic light alert system, meaning you are compliance-assured and never miss a training requirement.

Secure certificate library

Secure and searchable cert and document library, including data validation checker and the ability to upload hard copy certs directly into the system quickly and easily.

Automated notifications

Tailored SMS or email notifications and alerts to notify the workforce of key events. This includes joining instructions, pre-learn material or course status management updates.

Worker app

Optional workforce app allows your employees to book and view their own training schedules - ideal for businesses looking to give their workers the power to manage their own training within established parameters and approval processes.

What are the key benefits of using our TMS?

e learning training courses

Manage every stage of your training from one place with all the tools you need at your fingertips.

Get full visibility of training history and skills’ gaps in one place, allowing you to effectively manage all your sites and workforce training from a single platform. Giving 100% compliance assurance.

Our software includes powerful matrix tools to build up and manage the training compliance required for each job role.

Spend less time on admin work so you can focus on what really matters in your business.

“We benefited from a reduction of 18% on direct course bookings and this was in addition to logistical and staffing savings.”


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